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Which series is best M or A in Samsung?

Which series is best M or A in Samsung?

By syrus

When you compare the Samsung A and M series, it’s like joining two parallel lines. But the Samsung M series is more like the old Samsung J series Lineup, which is now outdated and can’t be bought anymore. The Samsung M series also has reasonable prices and powerful, up-to-date features. Even though the Samsung M series is made for people on a budget, you can still trust the Samsung brand.

Samsung A Series VS M Series Overview

The popular smartphone series is the Samsung Galaxy A Series and the Samsung Galaxy M Series. Samsung Galaxy A Series is older than Samsung Galaxy M Series. This is because Samsung Galaxy M Series is a relatively new series. Samsung’s Galaxy A Series came out on October 31, 2014, when the Samsung A3 smartphone came out. Samsung’s A Series is a line of high-end phones. Even when the specs are almost identical, Samsung A series phones will always cost more than M series phones. Samsung always tries to make sure that its A Series phones are high-quality.

On the other hand, Samsung tries to make its M Series affordable smartphones with more features, so it has to use low-quality spare parts. Samsung M Series was first shown off on February 5, 2019, when the Samsung M10 and M20 smartphones came out. After that, the M series became very popular, and people started comparing it to Samsung A series.

What is the difference between Samsung’s A and M series?

There are many ways to tell the difference between Samsung’s Galaxy A and M series. So, we looked into the history of both series of Samsung phones and tried to give you the best information we could in this post.

Good Design and Construction

The main thing that helps you tell these two Samsung smartphone series apart is how they look and how well they are made. Many times, Samsung comes out with two phones that are almost the same and have the same features, but the price difference between the two is vast. Sometimes the price difference between two phones is between 5K and 7K. This is because of how well it was made. Samsung’s M Series phones are made with cheap spare parts and mainboards.

Samsung sometimes makes things that aren’t very good.

Chinese smartphone brands like Xiaomi and Realme have more advanced mainboards than Chinese smartphone brands like Xiaomi and Realme, and these phones are more expensive. If you don’t believe it, go to the comments section of these posts, and you’ll see that people are looking for mainboards for Samsung M31, M21, M51, and M30.


Smartphones in the A series by Samsung have a few more features than those in the M series. Samsung’s A series and M series phones used different user interfaces (UIs), but now they both use the same One UI and have almost the same software-based features. But there are still a lot of software-based features that Samsung M series phones don’t have but that Samsung A series phones do. Some features on all A series phones but only a few M series phones are Good lock, Always on Display, Samsung Message app, Screen recording, Bixby, Secure Folder, Knox security, and Samsung Pay.

Which is better: Samsung’s A series or M series?

We looked in detail at the Samsung A series and the Samsung M series. Now we have to decide which of these two is the better series. Before we get to the end, we want to make a table that summarizes everything, so it’s easier to understand.


We’ve discussed how the Samsung A series and Samsung M series are different and concluded. I want to clarify to you in just a few words whether the M series or the A series is better. In 2022, Samsung’s M series smartphone will be better than it was in the past.