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What are the best smartphones in history

What are the best smartphones in history

By syrus

Modern smartphones, such as the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, have quad-core CPUs, cameras that take photos faster than you can blink, and stunning full HD displays. These devices can also connect to lightning-fast 4G LTE networks faster than some home broadband services. However, to fully appreciate all our conveniences, it is necessary to examine our history. I’ve had the good fortune to see the progression of smartphones, from the first PDA-phone hybrids to today’s big-screen phablets.

A Motorola StarTAC (1996)

The StarTAC was more than simply the first clamshell phone; it was also the first “cool” phone. In the same way that the iPod’s coolness made MP3 players more popular, StarTAC’s jazzy look pushed cell phones into the mainstream.

Nokia 1011 (1992)

Although Motorola was responsible for getting things started in the mobile industry, Nokia’s introduction of the first commercially available GSM phone significantly boosted. In addition to receiving but not sending text messages, it also saved 99 phone numbers, one for each person you knew who also had a mobile phone and 98 for everyone else.

The Third Generation iPhone (iPhone 3G) by Apple (2008)

The original iPhone was impressive but lacked the lightning-fast mobile connectivity that would have made it a game-changer. For the iPhone to reach the heights of other smartphones, 3G was the rocket fuel.

Antenna: Motorola DynaTAC 8000x (1983)

Finally, the original mobile phone arrived. Without Motorola DynaTAC, we’d be lost entirely. Wherever there are phone booths and internet cafés, that’s where you’ll find them.

Technology Company’s Nokia N70 (2005)

The Nokia N70 was the perfect choice for anyone who would pull their eyeballs out instead of using Windows Mobile. A pocket powerhouse was born from the union of 3G’s speed, Symbian 8.1’s flexibility, and the S60 UI’s user-friendliness.

Nokia 8110 (1996)

The Matrix phone, indeed. We were all inspired to get an 8110 after seeing Neo flip the screen down on purpose. It’s a shame Keanu’s spring-loaded slider was an aftermarket upgrade, as we had to wait till the 7110 came out to enjoy a comparable push-button slide movement. Even so, the 8110 was noticeably more stylish.

Hero, HTC (2009)

T-G1 Mobile was the first Android phone, but the HTC Hero was the first to pose a severe challenge to the iPhone. Even though it drew comparisons to Jimmy Hill, the phone’s unique design—including the kick-out chin—made it stand out from the crowd of Android phones.

A BlackBerry 7230 (2003)

The first BlackBerry with a color screen, the BlueBerry (any ideas why), was the catalyst for the CrackBerry craze. Using email would no longer be restricted to one’s office.