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Is Android better than iOS

Is Android better than iOS

By syrus

Since you can do almost everything with your smartphone these days, it’s essential to make sure you upgrade to the right one. After all, you’ll probably use it daily for at least the next two years. Here are some reasons you should choose an Android phone over an iPhone if you can’t decide between the two.

Hardware Diversity

It’s safe to say that the most significant advantage Android has over iOS, and the main reason people choose this platform, is “freedom.” It’s about having a lot of options and being able to choose what you want. When looking for an Android device, there are thousands of options to choose from. This lets each person decide which hardware features are essential and a must-have. Almost every Android customer can find a device with just the right hardware features to meet their needs, whether they want a bigger battery, a bigger screen, enough storage, or a high-resolution camera.

Customers don’t have as many choices with Android as they do with iOS. This has to do with how Apple changes its hardware, like taking out the headphone jack or using a connector that only works with Apple products.

Phones for all budgets

You also have more freedom with the price. Like there are many different kinds of Android phones when it comes to hardware, there are also many different kinds of Android phones when it comes to price. Android phones that cost a lot are about as good as iPhones. The top-of-the-line Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra costs almost $1,300. But you can get an Android phone that works just as well for much less money.

Google Assistant beats Siri.

When comparing Google Assistant to Siri, it’s clear that Google Assistant is ahead. Google Assistant is the best and most powerful way to search with your voice on Google. We use Google for a lot of the things we do every day. If your Google Calendar shows that you’re meeting a coworker for lunch at 3:00 pm and the horrible traffic, Google Assistant will tell you to leave early.


iOS usually works better than Android because it is faster and runs more smoothly. It also has fewer bugs and slowdowns. This might seem silly when you think about how an iPhone works. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most influential Apple phone right now. It has 6GB of RAM and a six-core CPU. These specs are in the middle of the pack with Android phones today. But here, we often miss the point. Not only do these specs affect performance, but so does processing power. Qualcomm’s chips are much worse than Apple’s.

Bottom Line

Even though the Apple AppStore has strict rules and takes a long time to review apps, the truth is that iOS is a better platform for making software because it is more stable, gets updates faster, and is better optimized. Product variations to code make it easier to predict how things will act. Android is more open about what kinds of apps you can publish and how you can get paid. For now, it looks like iOS is winning every day, especially in high-end intelligent devices, where Android doesn’t have anything that works.