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How many brands of smartphones are there?

How many brands of smartphones are there?

By syrus

There are 236 smartphone brands in our database right now. You can find our site’s specs, pictures, and videos of the most popular smartphones. You can also compare smartphones from different brands side by side.

Most people can’t believe so many brands are out there, and most have never even heard of them. I’ve also bought, owned, serviced, and modded products from well-known Chinese brands like Meizu, Jiangsu, Blackview, Kyocera, Umidigi, Alldocube, Philips, Lenovo, HomTom, DooGee, and Xiaomi. Even Huawei has been around longer than most North Americans have been alive.

Consumers in any country are blinded by what big companies show them or promote in their own best interests, which are also the consumer’s best interests. This is different from some countries, where they go after the consumers first and then the money and market share.

Smartphone Brands

Even though Samsung sells the most Android devices, it is by no means the only one. There are now 1,300 smartphone brands behind the one billion Android phones in use worldwide.

OpenSignal, which makes an app that measures mobile signals, just released its fourth annual report on Android fragmentation. The report found that 1,294 companies now make 24,093 different Android devices.

The picture is very different from what it was in 2012. One thousand brands in this year’s survey didn’t even exist three years ago. Now, more and more Android device makers, both big and small, are trying to take market share away from Samsung and get a piece of the profits that Apple doesn’t have.

While the data also shows the growth rate has tapered off, with around 400 new brands compared to fewer than 100 this year. That comes as the smartphone divisions of Sony, Samsung, LG, and HTC struggle to turn a profit.

The fragmentation Because some phones haven’t been updated to the latest version of Android, it has become known for its operating system. Google has been fixing the problem of different operating systems by using Google Play Services to ensure that core apps are always up-to-date. But OpenSignal says it is still “extremely fragmented,” even though it has gotten a little less fragmented over the past year.