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Best Xiaomi Phone 2022

Best Xiaomi Phone 2022

By syrus

Even in the tech media, the best Xiaomi phones don’t get a lot of attention. Because of this, a lot of people have never even heard of this Chinese brand. But there are a lot of good reasons to pay attention. Even though they aren’t as well-known as Apple or Samsung products, they have great cameras, fast processors, beautiful screens, and excellent connectivity for less money. 

Xiaomi 12 Pro

Because of many things, the Xiaomi 12 Pro is our favorite phone from the company right now. The Pro has a great-looking 6.73-inch screen, superfast 120W charging, a sleek design, and three great 50MP cameras, all in a device that sometimes costs less than similar-spec competitors. This phone is great for gamers, photographers, and people who like entertainment. And it’s easy to recommend over the Mi 11 of 2021 or the Xiaomi 12 that isn’t a Pro.

Xiaomi Mi 11

The Xiaomi Mi 11 was the best phone the company made in 2021. It had new camera modes, screen technologies, and back camera designs, costing as much as a premium phone. We gave the phone a great review, praising its macro photography mode (which uses a unique lens on the back), its great-looking screen with a high resolution and refresh rate, and the power of its high-end chipset.

Even though this phone has the best technology Xiaomi had in 2021, its price might turn some people off. However, since it’s been out for a while, you can often find it on sale. We also didn’t like how long its battery lasted; of course, the Xiaomi 12 is now better. Even with all that, though, it should still be one of the first phones you look at if you want a good one from that company.

Redmi Note 10 5G

Want to spend as little as possible on the best Xiaomi phone? Then the Redmi Note 10 5G would be a good choice. One of the cheapest 5G phones you can buy right now, it has a 48MP camera, the latest version of Android (Android 11), up to 128GB of storage, and promises a great battery life. All of this is pretty amazing for a cheap phone.

Poco X4 Pro 5G

The Poco X4 Pro 5G is surprisingly close to a high-end experience for a price in the middle of the pack.

You also get 5G connectivity, the primary camera with 108MP, ultra-wide and macro sensors, and a 16MP camera for taking selfies. And in addition to the standard shooting modes, it has 108MP, Short video, Panorama, Document, Slow motion, Time-lapse, Long exposure, and Dual video modes.

Aside from that, the 6.67-inch screen is excellent for the price. It has a premium AMOLED panel with a 120Hz refresh rate. And the 5,000mAh battery should be able to last all day. Overall, this is hard to beat what you get for your money.

Xiaomi 11T Pro

Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro is a cheaper version of Xiaomi Mi 11. The phone doesn’t have wireless charging or a regular telephoto camera to keep the price low. But you get a powerful 108MP camera module with excellent image stabilization, a tremendous 5MP telemacro lens, and a decent 8MP ultra-wide angle lens.

The Xiaomi 11T Pro is an excellent choice in the mid-range price range because it runs Android 11, has a great screen, a 5000mAH battery, and super fast charging.

Black Shark 5 Pro from Xiaomi

Want to play games on your phone? Then Xiaomi doesn’t just have one phone, but a whole line of phones called “Black Shark.” And we’d recommend the Black Shark 5 Pro over all the others because its hardware and software work together to give you a top-notch mobile gaming experience.

A 108MP primary camera, a 13MP ultra-wide sensor, and a 5MP depth-sensing lens make it a good camera. It takes good pictures during the day and night, and it can record HDR video. Also, the 4,650mAh battery will keep your phone charged for a long time.